Discover Snorkeling:
The Easiest Way to See the Underwater World

Program Description

  • Short
  • Convenient practice session
  • Minimal equipment

Relax on the surface in shallow water and watch the natural beauty below.

Discover Scuba:

Resort Course -Nondivers can experience the fun and excitement of scuba diving simply and easily in the safe confines of a pool.

Program Description:

  • An easy introduction to scuba
  • In the familiarity of a swimming pool
  • Quick - you can complete the experience in less than two hours

Discover Scuba Diving:

Our Discover Scuba Diving program allows you to safely experience the same sense of wonder and excitement shared every day by scuba divers throughout the world.

Under the careful supervision of a PADI Instructor, participants actually go on a scuba dive in shallow, calm water.

Program Description:

  • Short
  • Knowledge/Water Skills sessions
  • Shallow scuba dive in open water

Lets you experience scuba diving without committing to an entire course.

Open Water Diver Course

Full Certification as a Scuba Diver!

Program Description

  • 5 Knowledge Development sessions
  • 5 Skills Development sessions in a pool
  • 4 Scuba dives in open water

Earns the PADI Open Water Diver certification, enabling you to buy/rent scuba equipment and dive without direct instructor supervision.

Advanced Open Water Program

Underwater Adventures as You Learn New Skills

Program Description

  • 5 Specialty Dives (Advanced Open Water Diver)
  • 9 Specialty Dives (Advanced Plus. Emphasis on learning during actual open water dives)
  • Each dive is credited toward corresponding Specialty Diver program.
  • Develops skills in and introduces you to
      • Night diving
      • Deep diving
      • Underwater navigation
      • Two to six other specialties you and your instructor choose


Discover Snorkelling

Snorkelling Safari

Discover Scuba

Scuba Safari

Open Water Certification

Advanced Open Water

Specialty Dives


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